Caroline Rodgers Social Worker – Standing Up For Abused Women

By: Caroline Rodgers Social Worker  18/11/2014
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Caroline Rodgers social worker is both a passionate and a compassionate individual. She has a passion for helping others, as well as a deep compassion for the strife and suffering many are forced to endure on a daily basis. It is the combination of the two that make Rodgers such a considerable and impactful force within the community, as well as such a staunch advocate for the support and help of women suffering in situations of domestic violence. Caroline Rodgers, social worker, continues to be active in the organization Women’s Aid, which provides battered and abused women the opportunity to escape from abusive relationships and to begin the pursuit of brighter futures. Rodgers enjoys the opportunity to work alongside those that share both her passion and her compassion for those suffering from the awful plight of abuse, and to stand up for a population that is in constant need of support, assistance and an avenue to a better future. Rodgers believes the work that Women’s Aid does goes largely hand-in-hand with her responsibilities in the field of social work, which often involves working with victims of abuse, homelessness, neglect and poverty in order to create more viable and positive opportunities for shelter, work and a better life. The transformative work that both Caroline Rodgers social worker and the Women’s Aid organization are engaged in share many important similarities, and both are vital to the development of a better future for members of London’s disadvantaged population. By helping the downtrodden, abused and suffering, Rodgers is able to make a substantial difference for London’s future.

Keywords: Caroline Rodgers, social worker, social work,

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