By: speaking infront  08/09/2011
Keywords: personal development, Public Speaking, presentations

It was a fantastic course, one I shall never forget and could be life changing! It gave me a huge confidence boost and lots of ideas on how to feel comfortable as the focus of attention. I need to work on a few things but I know how to work on it. You've sown the seed John and I thank you hugely for that.  I have glimpses at how simple it can be - just to be yourself purely with a change of mindset

Superb course - highly recommend to anyone who is fearful of public speaking and wants to overcome the inner critic

John has a very calming and welcoming presence. The course helped me to get to the root of the issue.

The whole day was life-changing. I went from dreading my turn to loving it, in the course of the day. Astounding and brilliant.

The training was very good, right the way through. The idea behind the course is very simple and extremely effective. Thanks.

I have been on various public speaking courses in the past and this is the first one that actually helped me relax and enjoy the experience of public speaking. I think the course and the facilitator's approach is excellent. Thank you so much!

Keywords: personal development, presentations, Public Speaking, Public Speaking Coaching