B2B e-Auction Software

B2B e-Auction Software from Market Dojo Ltd.

By: Market Dojo Ltd.  13/09/2010
Keywords: procurement services, cost reduction, procurement consultancy

 marketdojo has created an easy to use interface, supported by tool tips, guides, tutorials with world class support in the form of phone, e-mail and live chat.

The system has been shaped with simplicity in mind but also fulfilling the functionality required to obtain the best results in todays tough markets.

marketdojo understand that professionals want to use e-Auctions to help achieve their targets but are restricted due to the cost of the existing providers on the market.

Our pricing is fair, transparent and up-front. For £1,000 you can run a successful event, for £5,000 you can run an unlimited number of events with our Annual Licence.

marketdojo know the requirements for successful B2B e-Auctions. We have developed a self-contained system which embeds best practice such as:

Useability – Step by step event creation,

Traceability – Document & Participant tracking with internal messaging and e-mail,

Control – You decide who enters the final negotiation,

Robustness – Include pre-requisite criteria such as NDAs and qualification bids.

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