6 months of training - what the Krav Maga Bristol Fishponds class covered in the last 6 months

6 months of training - what the Krav Maga Bristol Fishponds class covered in the last 6 months from Krav Maga Bristol -  Fishponds

By: Krav Maga Bristol - Fishponds   23/03/2011
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So. 6 months training and I’m feeling reflective. What have we done in the last 6 months of training?

When I think about it it makes me realise just how far some of you have come and how awesome you’ve handled the pressure developing yourselves as both fighters and individuals.

  • Combatives – literally thousands of punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Padwork every session.  No wonder students are reporting that after 15 years of martial arts less than 6 months of  training in krav their striking power “has gone up tenfold”.

  • Multiple opponent training – you guys do this regular in class. Why? because statistically you ARE likely to be attacked by multiple opponents. Remember you will fight how you train. If you don’t train to fight multiple opponents then you are at an even bigger disadvantage when you have to.

  • Edged weapons. Knives. I can’t believe how many knife attacks I have heard from all over the country these last 6 months – someone even being stabbed to death in Fishponds. Why do we train with edged weapons? Because you have to!

  • De-escalating potential violent situations – Using up to date research on criminal psychology and physiology to teach you how to recognize fault within yourself, how to calm situations, danger signals and use of body language to stop fights before they happen.

  • Chokes from standing, from the front, from behind, from the side and from the ground. Typical attacks especially for women.

  • Headlocks, haymakers and headbutts – typical street attacks. Under pressure. Multiple opponents.

  • Full contact sparring – some of you getting massive experience even fighting full contact with head shots in 3:1 ratios!

  • The difference between knife threats and knife attacks – this alone will save your life!

  • The fundamental principles of Krav Maga – why disengaging is SO important.

  • Fitness training! Tabata, circuits, sprints and burpees! I don’t think there’s a person in the group who attends regulary who can’t say that they aren’t in the best shape of their life! The numbers speak for themselves which is why with regular fitness tests you can see how you have improved – 6 minute test scores have improved by as much as 65% in 6 months. The technical term for a 65% improvement in fitness is BADASS!!!!!

  • Groundfighting and closefighting, eyegouges and bites!

  • All of this and more done under intense pressure! The most important aspect – being able to do all of the above under pressure when you most likely need it! Remember: stress reduces performance.

Its been awesome getting to work with everyone – seeing fitness and confidence grow and knowing that the training that you guys do is reality based. no magic ninja techniques. no belts. no bullshit.

The last 6 months have been amazing developing these skills that put you leagues ahead of many and give you much better chances of survival in the world we live.

Everyones getting fitter, stronger and faster. Skills are coming along amazing. Personally I couldn’t be happier and I can’t understand how despite some of my best efforts at reducing you all to sweaty, bruised and bloody lumps you keep coming back with smiles on your faces ;o)

Train hard, fight easy!


ps the NEXT 6 months are going to be EVEN BETTER!!!!!!!

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