Customer Feedback (10/03/15)

By: Immersive Theatres  15/03/2015
Keywords: science, astronomy, GCSE

Words of secondary school teachers after a 7m digital dome visit covering the life cycle of stars and the Solar System, together with the films 'Journey to Infinity' and 'Chronicle of a Journey to Earth': [ see our latest customer feedback at: ] "Brilliant presentation, very informative and educational. The Year 10 & 11 students will definitely find it very valuable for their GCSE" "Wonderful visuals, very inspiring and made clear how beautiful science can be" "The Year 10s & 12s had a fantastic time. Completely awe-inspiring" "The Year 8s really enjoyed their time in the planetarium. The presentation was very engaging and educational. Thanks very much!" "It was a big help for Y11 students preparing for their GCSE examinations to be able to visualise stars"

Keywords: astronomy, GCSE , science

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Customer Feedback (08/01/15)

Primary teacher comments after a 7m digital dome visit: "A wonderful and exciting experience enjoyed by children and adults!"