How to Survive Holiday Stress

How to Survive Holiday Stress from Husse Bristol

By: Husse Bristol   25/11/2013
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No matter whether you are facing the holidays with human kids or fur kids, there are some steps to take now that will help make the season much less stressful. Your new puppy or kitten is curious, and will love to come investigate the new smells and the shiny packages. If you have a puppy and are worried about family coming over and how your puppy will react, you can start now and teach it some basic tricks, like leave it, stay, and sit, which will help keep your new friend from adding to your anxiety load. By teaching your puppy how to sit, it helps keep her from jumping on your friends and family who might not be dog people. You can then teach her how to do other things like shake which will delight your guests, and give your fur friend a way to greet safely. Be sure to reward your puppy each time she sits properly, but do not punish her when she does not. Positive reinforcement of the behavior you want to see will be better for you and for her. If it is possible, give some healthy treats like Husse Kycklingfilé (100% natural oven cooked chicken jerky), Husse snack or Kex XS to your guests so they can reward her for her new cute trick! Be sure to adjust the amount of food you give her accordingly, so she does not get too many calories. Teaching your puppy or kitten the leave it and/or stay command will make meal time much more peaceful. Dogs and cats should not eat people food, and getting them used to not begging for treats at the table is very important. This will also work for food that is on the counters so they do not try to help themselves. Grapes, onions, and garlic can be toxic for pets, so they should never have access to them. You can also pick up a puppy crate, and work with training your puppy to see it as a warm, safe place away from all of the noise. You also now have a way to keep your puppy from being in your way while carrying heavy plates of turkey or hot dressing. A pet or baby gate may be useful, too, so your pet can be in a safe room where she can see you, but will not be in danger of being underfoot. Take a moment now to be sure your home is pet proof – are cabinets and trash cans locked so the fur kids cannot get into them? Poultry bones are small and can be a choking hazard for the small throats of cats and dogs. They should never have access to them. Tinsel is attractive for cats, but it can bind up in their intestines, so be sure to keep it away from your feline friends. The stress of trying to find a vet clinic that is open late at night or on a holiday can be reasonably easily avoided. After the big meal, you can take your dog out for a walk – it is good exercise for you both, and exercise produces endorphins, otherwise known as happy hormones, so your stress goes down, too. Husse makes a product called Stress Minus that helps calm the central nervous system of cats and dogs. It is made from all natural ingredients like valerian and St. John’s Wort, and since it is non-narcotic, it can safely be used long term. Dosage is based on the size of your pet. You can start giving it to your pet a few days before the big day, so they can start the day in a more relaxed state, and you both will have a lower stress holiday.

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