How to Choose the Best Treat for a Cat or Dog

How to Choose the Best Treat for a Cat or Dog from Husse Bristol

By: Husse Bristol   21/12/2013
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Treats are a great way to reward your four legged friend for a job well done, or when you need to try to train them to perform a new behavior. But the question may have come up in your mind – how do you pick the right treat for a cat or dog? Husse has the solution in a line of cat and dog treats that contain real ingredients and taste great to your pet. For dogs, Husse Agility Snacks, a nice, soft, meaty morsel; Husse Snacks that come in a handy resalable tub; and Chicken jerky which are made from oven roasted chicken and contains the added bonus of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint comfort. For tasty chews, there are Rollies that are twisted rolls of meat flavored biscuits enhanced with vitamins like A, D, and E to boost your dog’s immune system. Tugg Plus is a chewy green treat that comes in a variety of sizes so your dog can clean its teeth and get cleaner breath and the most popular one is a Dental Chew Rope which is chicken based and for better value is available to purchase as a pack of 20. Dental Chew Rope is cleaning the teeth, removing tartar and is recommended by vets. Our feline friends have some snacks to choose from as well. Cat chicken jerky is an oven roasted chicken treat in a jerky style. This low fat treat comes with vitamins and minerals to supplement your cat’s diet. All treats should be used as that, a treat, not a meal. Be sure to always have plenty of water available for your pet to drink. Treats should be used in moderation, and their caloric count should be factored into your pets’ daily totals. Animals can suffer from obesity just as humans can when they eat too much and exercise too little. Treats should not exceed 10% of a day’s calorie count. By purchasing high quality treats, you can ensure that what your pet gets is going to be good for them, and not be pet junk food. Husse makes a full line of wet and dry pet foods, as well as treats and pet grooming products, all designed while keeping your pets’ good health in mind. So when should you give a treat? If you are training your pet to perform a specific behavior, this is an ideal time to use a treat as a reward when the pet does what you want them to. They can also be used when you need to praise them for sitting still during grooming or claw trimming sessions. You want to be sure to connect the good behavior with the reward right away so the pet forms the association in their mind. Conversely, do not withhold food for bad behavior. Food should never be a punishment since it is an essential factor for health. Just as with pet food, a cat should never receive a dog treat, and vice versa. The nutritional differences between them are too great. Husse Bristol is here for you during this festive period! To give you a peace of mind we will be making deliveries on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day! To order just reply e-mail: [email protected] or call Eva on 07954 098 613 Meet Husse Bristol: 3th & 4th January – Nails Market, Bristol Centre; 4th – 5th January – Taunton Show (only available for pre-orders); Pre-order NOW to avoid dissapointment! 12th January – DAWG dog show at Avon Riding Centre; 27th January – Tetbury Centre; 28th January – Nails Market, Bristol Centre.

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