Pregnancy massage in Southville and Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol

Pregnancy massage in Southville and Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol from Holistic Massage: Relax Restore Revive

By: Holistic Massage: Relax Restore Revive  11/09/2014
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Our bodies are unique and so are our pregnancies. Holistic massage is tailored to each individual and so lends itself perfectly to pregnancy. We offer a space where women can feel calm, supported and informed throughout pregnancy and the during the weeks and months following birth. Pregnancy massage can help women with the transition through to motherhood and can be hugely beneficial to both mother and baby during each of the trimesters. The first trimester is a time when a woman’s body and baby are changing the rapidly. Sickness, exhaustion and anxiety can be especially challenging at a time when many women are not yet ready to share the news of their pregnancy. Adapting to these changes can be difficult as hormones are fluctuating. With stress in pregnancy having implications for the health of mother and baby, massage that relaxes the woman and calms her nervous system, at such a crucial stage in the baby’s development, can be hugely beneficial not only for the woman but the developing baby too. During the second trimester hormones stabilise and the mother often will have settled into her pregnancy. This is a great time to do deeper work into the back and hips where women tend to feel discomfort, as the baby starts to grow and the body adapts to carry the extra weight. If there is fluid retention, then provided there are no complications, massage can be helpful to drain swollen ankles and feet to improve mobility. The third trimester is when the baby gains most of her body weight prior to birth. Carrying this extra weight can be especially tiring at a time when the woman's sleep is already becoming disrupted. As well as working to soothe tired muscles and relax both mother and baby, depending on the stability of the pelvis, we can also introduce gentle mobilisation to lubricate the joints and keep the energy flowing within the body. At this stage we can start to talk about birth preparation as well as simple massage techniques and acupressure for labour that can include the woman’s birth partner, helping her to feel comfortable and supported between sessions.  The post-natal period is sometimes referred to as ‘the forth trimester’. After childbirth, medical attention is often focussed on the baby and so giving the mother the space to share her birth experience and relax deeply is invaluable. Tension may well be held in the body after birth and soothing massage can release some the impact of trauma being held in the body. Adapting to motherhood with little rest, at a time when hormones are once again changing, can be hugely challenging. Relaxing massage helps mothers feel at ease, bond with their babies and begin to regain a sense of wellbeing after childbirth. Sam and Sharmila both offer pregnancy massage in Bristol. Sam works from home in Southville and Sharmila is also available from her home in Westbury-on-Trym. For more information see our website.

Keywords: Holistic Massage, Post-natal Massage, pregnancy massage

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