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By: Code 9 Design Limited  19/01/2011
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Code 9 is an experienced web design consultancy that can offer a wide range of web and digital services that can be tailored to suit your business.
We believe that in today's digital market place having a website is extremely important, and that website needs to be right for your business. Your site needs to reflect the values and personality of your company, whilst delivering your information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. If potential clients do not understand what you represent, they will most likely go else where. At Code 9 we make a point of understanding your business, what services you offer, your unique selling points, and the culture of your business.

Usability Testing and Accessibility Planning
We believe in building sites that are easy to use and accessible to all. Planning is key for a website to become successful, we have the expertise and experience to help you identify and organise the important elements of your website with the following techniques:

Site Mapping and Scoping
We can help you define the key elements of your site, and organise them into sections - this is an effective way of understanding the layout and structure of your site. While it may be obvious and unnecessary for smaller sites, it becomes extremely useful when your site contains information that is relevant to different users. With larger sites it's important to consider the user journey and how they are going to navigate through your site without getting lost or overwhelmed.

A wireframe is basically an outline of your site - we use wireframes to layout the most important elements of your site, like call to action buttons, navigation menus, and the placement of text and imagery. This is the quickest way to define how your content will be positioned, without any distracting design features - so you can clearly see how users will view your page and how well the content will flow.

Web Standards and New Technologies
The internet is constantly evolving and at Code 9 we invest a lot of time in research and development. We use new technologies that are supported by industry standards such as HTML5 & CSS3, and seek to avoid older platforms and languages that are in decline, to ensure that your site remains supported and optimised for many years to come.
All of our sites comply with the latest web standards, and we perform rigous browser testing to ensure that our sites work with the current industry supported browsers. The build quality is very important to us and we build our sites to be organised and super efficient, which not only make this site fast and responsive, it's also easy to maintain, which makes it cheaper to update in the future.

Our Approach
Websites can be expensive to build just like building a house and they require planning, project management, design, and construction. Again like building a physical structure website costs depend of their size, level of complexity to build, usage, building materials, and cosmetic decoration and technologies. Multiple locations like in the real world will have their own costs and challenges too.
We offer a consultancy approach where we can help you manage your budget to achieve your goals in the most effective way. We can plan out your site and provide you with several options at different price points that we think will work for you, and explain the pros and cons of each approach. We feel by talking through the options and possible alternatives, we can provide the services that are best suited to you and your business, and even reduce costs by excluding services that are not required. Whether you're a new business start up, or a business looking to a develop website we will be happy to help you. For information on how we work, visit our FAQ page and go to the web design section.

What We Offer
We can build anything from small brochure sites to, large scale e-commerce sites, but our services go far beyond website design and build. We offer wire-framing and planning, usability and accessibility testing, web promotion and web analytics, email marketing campaigns and printed advertising campaigns. If your business requires branding, have a look at our branding section to see our recent work.
We can also build digital products and applications, for both web and mobile platforms and we can offer training solutions and video promotions too. Please visit GUI and Video section for more information.

Content Management Systems (CMS) and Maintenance Agreements

How often will your content change and who will change it? This is a question you may need to consider when commissioning a website. Most websites are static, which means the content is always the same. These types of sites wouldn't require a CMS, and should your site required a content amend, we would be happy to update the site for you as a pay-as-you-go arrangement.

E-commerce Solutions
For websites like an e-commerce site where the content is dynamic and constantly changing, a CMS may be the best solution for business, as it's a one off cost. With a CMS you and your staff will have complete control over the content of your website. This level of flexibility is great for clients who want to manage the site without relying on a development company.

Large Scale CMS Solutions
We use Symphony, an open source content management system (CMS) that combines a flexible, open architecture with the power of XSLT to give users complete control over every aspect of their project, from its data structures to its templating layer and everything in between. Also because Symphony is open source, there are no expensive licencing fees or restrictions.

Smaller sites / Blogging systems
Another solution that works well for smaller sites that require regular updates is WordPress. WordPress is a powerful blogging/journal system that can be adapted to be a lightweight CMS. This is more limited than a bespoke CMS, but can work well for small businesses that like to manage their own content.

Bespoke Solutions and Maintenance Agreements
For some clients, managing their websites is too time consuming, and staff may require training which can be costly. If your team are not confident with web publishing, a service agreement might be the best way forward. We already have maintenance contracts with several clients, where we update their content on a regular basis, allowing them to get on with running their business. This is basically a retainer contract where we would work out a regular payment plan that will cover the regular amends to your site. If you would like to enquire about a service agreement, please let us know and we can work out a plan that will be cost effective for your business.

Other Digital Services

Blogs - are a great way to share news, events, information and even the personal side our your business. They can be an informal window into personality and culture of your business, or a formal resource of information for your clients. Blogs can be integrated into your site so they look and feel exactly like your main site, or they can have a personality of their own. Making sure your blog is well connected to you main site is very important, as search engines like Google respond well to regularly updated content, and this can help boost traffic to your site.

Social Media - there is strong evidence that people buy from people, and people's personalities help start and maintain relationships. If your business is predominately online building relationships with clients can be harder. If you use social media effectively, you can help stay in contact with clients, without having to constantly phone or email them, which can be annoying for some clients. Social media can help spread awareness about particular products, services and events. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of social media, visit our Internet marketing section.

Email Newsletters - Email newsletters are a great way to stay in contact with your clients and and they are relatively inexpensive to produce. At Code 9 we have a very sophisticated marketing system that can help you send emails to your clients and monitor the success rate of each newsletter or email campaign. We can ether manage the system for you, or you can login and manage the system yourself. Our system has an intelligent contact list and filtering system, which prevents duplication and automatically removes unsubscribers from your marketing lists. We can integrate your website's contact form with the system so you subscribers automatically appear on your lists. If you would like to find out more about our email marking system, visit our Internet marketing section.

Hosting and Domains

We offer competitive deals on web hosting and domain names, for your convenience we can purchase and setup the web hosting package on your behalf through our Brix Hosting subsidiary. We offer 3 competitive packages for Home users, Business users and Corporate organisations. Please Visit Brix Hosting for more information or contact us and we can arrange hosting for you.

Keywords: web design

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