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By: AVH Slideshows  02/06/2014
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Have you ever considered using professional videos to promote, Market and grow your business locally or interntionally?

Video with its ability to engage and convey far more meanining and information than any one image alone has become an essential marketing tool for any business. According to Google, using video in your website (the more videos, the better) may improve your search engine ranking. The higher your search engine ranking, the higher the likelihood of your target market visiting your website. In fact, online retailers have found that customers are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching it in a video.

Sharing your product review video, or a video of your newly launched product in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can potentially increase, by 3 times, the inbound traffic linked to your social media pages or blogs.

It is estimated that up to a 1/3 of all advertising expendidure in the next five years will be for online video production.

So, how do you go about creating a video or having a video created for your business? The answer is simpler than you may think. To have a video created for you you do not necessarily need a video production crew with expensive equipments.

To have a professional video created you will need: A collection of your product(s) images or description of services you wish to promote and us at AVH slideshows.

At AVH Slideshows we make professional video slideshows. We transform your still images into attention grabing multimedia video slideshows which can then be posted on your website, and any video sharing sites, such as YouTube.

Your video slideshows are not limited to just images! As well as images and music, you can have captions, product descriptions in the form of either captions or voice overs, related video clips, call-to-action prompts, and total flexibility to deliver your message with the desired impact.

Why not put us to the test. Email us with your small sample of imgaes and judge for yourself.

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Advantages of video slideshows as a new marketing tool

Videos do make an impact! This is an undisputed fact. At AVH Slideshows making video slideshows is our business. Our videos engage your customers and drive results. You can implement video slideshows in your marketing efforts to boost retention, conversions and sales. Find out more about the advantages of video slideshows to your business in the description of our service. Please contact us for more information


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Commercial Multimedia Video Slideshow

At avhslideshows our expertise is in creating multimedia video slideshows. We create unique, fully customised, and professional HD quality slideshows that can give your existing and potential clients an inviting look at what your business has to offer. Our slideshows are guaranteed to grab anyone's attention and get them excited about finding out more. Used as marketing material they have the potential to lead to consumer awareness and increased inquiries.

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Professional slideshow productions

Video slideshows have an emotional power! When done correctly and professionally, you will have the ability to touch the hearts of your friends or family, or if you have a business you can reach new customers around the world and more importantly, in your home town. View our samples and compare us with others. We are confident you will notice a difference.