How to attract customers & increase your shops foot traffic using Video Shop Window Advertising

By: AVH Slideshows  10/10/2014
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If you are a location-based business, you must pay attention to this emerging shop window advertising method!

In today’s retail environment, technology plays a big part in meeting consumers’ needs. The type of technology used should inform, persuade, and engage consumers, not used just for the sake of it – they need to make sure they have a purpose from the shopper’s perspective.

Moving images and videos have an amazing power to influence people’s decision making. There are many reasons why video slideshows in your shop window can help to promote your business and your range of products, potentially leading to increase in your sales volumes. In fact, in our shop window slideshow infographic ( we have listed 10 reasons highlighting the power of Shop Window Video Slideshows which we invite you to study at your convenience.

Picture this: An attractive advertising medium in your shop window displaying your range of products and services using attention grabbing images and video clips. This is the perfect way to draw the attention of passers-by to stop, view, and learn about your range of products and services on offer!

Your potential customers walk pass your shop every day. Why not use the power of moving images to capture their attention and encourage them to walk into your shop to find out more? Why let them find your competitors and not you?

A video slideshow displayed in your shop window is the ideal way to bring more foot traffic into your shop, but why stop there? Your slideshows can also be embedded in; your website, uploaded to social media sites such as YouTube and Twitter, displayed on large screens in showrooms, exhibition centres, trade shows or utilised as marketing material leading to consumer awareness and potentially increased inquiries, and hopefully more sales.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now for more information and find out what Shop Window advertising, using vedio slideshows, can do to help promote your business.

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