PanPastel Artist soft pastels

PanPastel Artist soft pastels from Journal Craft

By: Journal Craft  01/06/2009
Keywords: Art supplies, art materials, Artists Soft Pastels

PanPastel are a new and unique form of artist soft pastel.  They have a much creamier consisency than traditional stick pastels and come packaged in a pan.  Individual pans can be screwed together in a stack for easy transportation.  Each pan contains up to 30% more pastel than standard pastel sticks.  Using PanPastel creates far less dust, and they can be applied using sponge tipped applicators, sponges or cotton wool.

They come in 60 colours - 20 basic shades, 20 tints and 20 shades.  Are available singly, in sets of 5, 10 or 20.

Keywords: art materials, Art supplies, Artists Soft Pastels, PanPastels,