Lead generation

By: First Exact  12/02/2009
Keywords: e-commerce, internet marketing, Sales Marketing

We help you find out how best to get more customers.  It's as simple as that.  We start by implementing technologies on your site while let us see where your customers are coming from.  Not your 'traffic', or your 'clicks'- (they don't make you any money do they?), but your customers, the ones who put money in the bank.

By building up a picture of your sales, and tracking them back to lead source, we can show you what marketing channels are working, and which are costing you money.  We can then suggest new avenues to try, whether that be email marketing, SEO, pay per click or any one of dozens of methods- but each time tracking the visitors, counting the conversions and tying it all together.  Your business may be already producing hundreds of leads via adwords, but you might not know that only 1% of those convert to paying customers, whiler email marketing converts for you at 2% and costs far less.  You need to know this information, in order to maintain and improve ROI and stay one step ahead of your competition.  We can help, give us a try!

Keywords: e-commerce, email marketing, internet marketing, ppc management, Sales Marketing, search engine marketing