fogbuster®reduces fats, oils and grease in drainlines and sewers

By: eco-works®  16/05/2011
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Fogbuster® is used succesfully by water companies and other government operators to reduce fat build-up within drain lines and waste water sewers.
The new 2012 Fogbuster® range of biological treatments from Eco-Works® are proven ‘pro-biotic’ biological treatments using a consortium of micro organisms to rapidly degrade fat, oil and grease - and compounded fats (FOGc) found inside drain lines. Using the very latest techniques and developments in bio-remediation to treat FOGc within the drainage systems, Eco-Works Fogbuster® products are an effective long-term solution to maintain free-flow, reduce odours and prevent blockages. All products from the Fogbuster® range are environmentally friendly and an approved alternative to the traditional and often, hazardous chemical methods of drainage maintenance. Come and talk with us and let us explain how we can help your business.

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