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By: Ascot Barclay Group  05/01/2011
Keywords: project management, coaching, management training

"You never change things by fighting the existin reality. To change something; build a new model that makes the old model obsolete." R. Buckminster Fuller - Inventor & Philosopher (1895 - 1983)

When business change is going well it can be the catalyst for future success, positive growth and long periods of stability. It can lead to higher staff moral and retention, improved customer satisfaction, less waste and greater profits.

Unfortunately the majority of change programmes fail to deliver as they are not always run well and end up costing the organisation dearly. Indeed, in our experience it takes a special individual with very specific skills and the support of the senior management team in any organisation to succeed. Business change is leader centric, it requires a positive catalyst, a word we take from chemistry and use as a metaphor to describe the attributes a change leader must have.

Catalysts that speed a reaction to change in chemistry are called positive catalysts. Catalysts that slow the reaction down are called negative catalysts, or inhibitors. Substances that increase the activity of catalysts are called promoters, and substances that deactivate catalysts are called catalytic poisons.

Unlike other agents that participate in the change reaction, a catalyst is not consumed by the reaction itself. In business terms this metaphor helps with understanding the team dynamics that take place when a change is initiated. Those familiar with implementing any change initiative will recognise these characteristics in the people aspects and the ‘games people play’.

Ascot Barclay's ACTIVE BUSINESS CHANGE™ Framework is our ‘systems thinking’ methodology which embraces the leader as a positive change catalyst and focuses on ‘Benefits’ realisation and performance improvement. We consider the blending of strategy, processes, technology, people & leadership as an end-to-end capability, working with the organisation as a whole to deliver constructive outcomes.

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