How to Stop Smoking with Life Coaching

By: Amers Coaching  08/01/2014
Keywords: stop smoking, Stress Counselling, Depression Counselling

Smoking is habit that not only of great risk to your own health but also to the health of others. Usage of tobacco is the cardinal cause of death in countries like the United States. The pernicious effect of smoking is not limited to the smoker. Passive smoking or can also put the second hand smokers at risk. Second hand smoking is equally injurious to health if not more. The most unfortunate is the fact that though these deaths are preventable yet, it does not happen in reality. Addiction to cigarettes is not only dangerous to you, but also others around you, known or unknown. Thus simultaneously you are guilty of triple injury; injury to yourself, injury to your loved ones and injurious to the society. Are you playing the role of a responsible citizen by causing pollution to the environment which affects million others? That being said, most of the smokers are aware of all these fallouts. They even think of how to stop smoking. Why do they then continue with this? This is because it has been a habit with them. They are dependent on this to an extent that they think they cannot function without smoking. This of course is not true. It all lies in our mind. We just think that it is not possible and that thought has no reflection in reality. So where we actually have to work is with our mind. This can be best done with professional help. Gary Amers , who hails from West London is one such help. He is a life coach who has an exhaustive training in this field. Combined with this is his hands on experience with a wide cross-section of clientele. His approach is one that has been actually used for a long time dating back to ancient Egypt and reinvented for modern use. The smoking habit springs from the core belief we cannot nor live without it. This belief has its origin in the unconscious. So for a permanent and effective change, we need to target this unconscious. With hypnosis , which is a relaxed state of mind , Gary targets the unconscious and replaces the harmful core beliefs like “it is impossible for me to live without cigarettes” with healthier options. The negative and self harming thoughts are replaced with positive and helpful ones. Hypnotherapy is conducted by trained therapists and there is no risk of losing your control during the hypnotic state. It is not that the reins of your secrets are given up to anyone else. Research shows that even during the hypnotic state, a person reveals only as much as he or she wants to. If you really want to quit smoking it will not be difficult when helped by a life coach like Gary.

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