Paintball in Clydebank - Scottish paintball for friends, parties and teambuilding

By: Absolut Paintball  25/06/2009
Keywords: games, paintball, teambuilding


There are a wide range of games to enjoy if you are a fan of paintball in Clydebank - and all just a short drive away.

The Absolut Paintball centre is just 30 minutes from Clydebank. There you will be kitted out in top of the range paintball gear and given a brief lesson in using your equipment before it is time to lock and load.

You will also be able to take part in numerous games, including:

Capture the flag.
King of the hill.

All these games require different strategies if you are to win, so paintball promotes creative thinking, teamwork and communication. This is why it is a popular option for teambuilding exercises.

Whether you take part in paintball as a corporate event, or simply a fun day out with friends and family, fans of paintball in Clydebank will not find a more convenient location than the Absolut Paintball centre.

The rules of each game vary quite dramatically. In Capture the flag, the aim is to take a flag from the opposing team's start point and return it to your own. This can be difficult as the flag is likely to be well guarded.

The Elimination game is much simpler. The aim is to take out the entire opposing team, before they get you.

In King of the hill, you must defend a certain spot from attackers.

Whatever type of game you prefer, you are sure to enjoy an adrenalin fuelled day with Absolut Paintball.

Keywords: games, paintball, Paintballing, teambuilding, Team-building