Embroidered hat

Embroidered hat from Chinese wind

By: Chinese wind   01/03/2011
Keywords: Embroidered belt, Embroidered shoes, National bag,

Embroiders, also calls the embroidery, other name “the embroidery”. Embroiders the needle to direct the color line (silk, fabric, line), according to the design pattern, in the fabric (silk, cloth) on the thorn decorates transports the needle, embroiders the mark constitution dermatoglyphic pattern or the writing, is one of our country outstanding national tradition crafts. Ancient times called “zhi”, “the needlework”. Because latter embroiders many does for the woman, therefore also names “the needlework”. According to Hubei and the Hunan unearthed Warring States, two Chinese's embroidery, the level is very high. The Tang Song embroiders Shi Zhenyun to be thin, the tinting is rich, is in vogue with embroiders makes the calligraphy and painting, the assorted items and so on.

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