House Clearing

House Clearing from Debbie Westland

By: Debbie Westland  02/09/2009
Keywords: Tiredness, Distant Work

 Nowadays we seldom have time to stop and think how a place, either a work place or our home environment feels.  Has it changed?  Is it bright, light and airy?  or always a bit cold?  Is there a room you never use or always feels odd?  Do you sleep a lot better on a holiday away from home? Does your baby always curl and sleep at one end of the cot?  Do you wake up tired after hours of sleep?  

 The energy health of our environment is just as important as our own health.  In fact without a healthy environment our own health will struggle and extra stresses will be placed on our often already overloaded body maintenance systems.  Geopathic Stress is a measure of the earth's negative energy both natural and manmade.   

By assessing a building for geopathic stress and the effect it is having on it's occupants, we can then work to clear these negative energies.  This work can be done on site or remotely for any type of building or area.  In addition 'electrosmog' is now much more prevalent in our home and offices.  This refers to the amount of electronic signalling and communications that we are subjected to each day.  These include mobile phones, home hubs, bluetooth equipment and externally by phone and tetra masts and pylons can also disrupt our electromagnetic field.  These can compromise our immune system causing skin conditions and allergies amongst other illnesses. 

A significant difference can be made to a home or office and its occupants by clearing the geopathic stress and reducing the electrosmog.  Long term ailments and illnesses can disappear and a reduction in absenteeism in the workplace can be achieved. 

It's also important to mention that the energy of a building can be affected by external changes.  New building works nearby, including roads and drainage.  In a recent case in Aberdeen where an upgrade to the waterworks required a significant amount of pile driving, nearby residents homes were affected.  This then required the house clearing of the homes and the energy to be corrected. 

Please take a minute to feel the energy of your environment and think about how it affects you.  Do you always fall asleep in your favourite chair? Does the dog bark at nothing in the hall?  Would your house benefit from house clearing? At one time we would intuitively not have built homes and workshops in areas with high geopathic stress.  In Germany and many Scandinavian countries they have their new house site or house they want to buy surveyed for geopathic stress before purchase.  Perhaps we should consider 'house clearing' for inclusion in the 'Home Report'.

Keywords: Distant Work, Tiredness,