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By: Skates R Us   03/12/2010
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Roller skates
Is Roller skating an extreme sport? You bet your sweet life it is, with the latest designs to propel you down slopes at lightning fast speeds while at the same time providing the latest safety features to keep you upright as long as possible. Roller skating is a sport that brings fun as well as maximum fitness. It’s also as eco-friendly a mode of transport as you can get – so nobody’s going to pass a law to say you have to stop it!  Skates R Us brings you in fabulous designs from top brands Xcess and Roller Derby. Roller skates can be designed as quad skates, inline skates, aggressive skates, adjustable skates, and you can find them all at Skates R Us. Whether its men’s roller skates, women’s roller skates or kids roller skates you’re looking for,  Skates R Us brings you the model and brand that are perfect for you.

Skateboarding has truly come of age in 2010. It may have started out as a fun thing to do down your local street, but today’s now offer serious sports capabilities for skateboard parks, outdoor pursuits and professional competition.  Skates R Us  skateboards can be either longboard, miniboard or mountainboard.  We also carry all the accessories necessary for maintaining your chosen skateboard like decks, wheels, bearings and risers.

Kick Scooter
Kick scooters have been experiencing a revival for at least ten years now and are still achieving higher and higher levels of performance for kids and the young at heart. Also known as push scooters or razor scooters, these machines are now capable of stunts and skate park use in their own right. They are great for kids of all ages, but don’t be fooled, these are not just childrens toys – they are sports machines. At Skates R Us, you can find different varieties of from famous brands like JD Bug and Micro.

Jumping stilts have been around for almost five years now and are predicted as being the next extreme craze to really sweep the nation this decade. Poweriser was the first Korean company to launch this innovative designs and have hung on to the lead as far as quality and safety are concerned.  Make no mistake, require superb fitness and balance to operate to maximum effect. They are available for kids as well as adults. At Skates R Us, you’ll find powerisers of the finest quality and durability.

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