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By: Property Angel Solutions  12/07/2009
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Sell and Rent Back Success: How to go From Possible Repossession to Peace of Mind Without the Neighbours Knowing

Thousands of homeowners have just one thing in mind, and that is how to pay their mortgage next month. With the economic disaster in the wider world taxing their pockets to the bottom each month they face the hard choice of what are the most important bills to be paid. Increasing bills and decreasing income makes being a property holder a scary position. A rising number are going up a blind alley and are now incapable of juggling their funds anymore.

Some good news is, however starting to materialize and economists recently declared that the PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) had an unanticipated increase. This index is a very important indicator for the financial markets, and an increase signals growth. The increase was due to improvements in services activity caused by an expansion in new business.

While there is hope that the economy may recover, it is happening too slowly for many homeowners. The opportunity to sell and rent back a house offered by home buying company Property Angel Solutions might be the only way for many families to avoid repossession. The beauty of the sell and rent back option is that you solve all your financial issues and you get to remain in your home!

The threat of repossession is not the only reason people choose to sell and rent back. Many retirees are selling and renting back in order to release the equity tied up in their homes. Others sell their homes this way due to ill health or the need to relocate quickly for personal or work reasons. Many families simply prefer the benefits of renting above owning – without actually having to move.

What Exactly is Sell and Rent Back in the Aberdeen Housing Market?

Sell and rent back is where a homeowner has the choice to sell property quickly and rent it back at the going market rate or less, short or long term. It is a great way to remain in one’s home without the threat of repossession. At Property Angel Solutions, we charge only fair market rates to our sell and rent back customers in , and we make every effort to offer discounts to promote longevity of the tenancy.

Sell and rent back solutions can bring you psychological peace and financial stability. Property Angel Solutions will make a deal with you in a very short time span, without exhausting you with legal technicalities and paperwork. It is the best solution if you want to sell your house to get cash out of it, but you don’t want strangers taking over your home. We will purchase your property even if it’s in bad condition, and rent it back to you within a matter of a few days.

Sell and rent back means your children can stay in their schools, and you keep your community and remain close to your friends. No costs, no broken chain, no stress. The deal includes all the charges involved in buying your home and renting it back to you.

Selling your home on the open market would be very difficult due to the economic crisis, due to falling property prices, job losses, and the difficulty of securing financing. The benefits of sell and rent back are clear: you avoid repossession, the sale is handled privately, there are no estate and legal fees, you can sell your house quickly and the rent is affordable.

Contact us today to see how you can save your home with a sell and rent back option for and Northeast Scotland families.

We are not authorised by the FSA to provide advice or services for Sale and rent back activities. We will pass such enquires to Buy House, an FSA authorised firm with Interim Permission for Regulated Sale and Rent Back activities. We may receive a commission from Buy House.

Keywords: Sell and rent back Aberdeen