Corporate Events

By: AardvarkFX   27/05/2009
Keywords: corporate events

Corporate Events can take many forms depending upon your objectives.

From a traditional firework display to an all action spectacular including a full colour Laser system designed to impress with impact!

A good fireworks display has an incredibly positive effect on your audience who will remember it long afterwards. This means they will remember your event and its purpose, be it social, motivational or to promote your company and its products.

With the addition of our colour Laser, we can display your company logo or new product image outlines onto the side of buildings, mobile or water screens; we are sure your customers will be more than impressed.

Stage and Arena pyrotechnics can further enhance the impact of your event. Whether it is a grand entrance, business or product launch.

AardvarkFX also have an extensive range of atmospheric equipment: Fog, Haze, Smoke, Snow, Bubble and Confetti blasting machines.

AardvarkFX are also experienced in Pneumatics, hydraulics and PLC control systems. Combine this with our Pyrotechnics, sound and Laser systems you will have an event that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Keywords: corporate events