Parkmyauto Ltd Range Rover Vogue 54 Plate Car Digital TV Freeview Upgrade

Parkmyauto Ltd  Range Rover Vogue 54 Plate Car Digital TV Freeview Upgrade from Parkmyauto Ltd

By: Parkmyauto Ltd  29/10/2009
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Range Rover Vogue 54 Plate Car Digital TV Upgrade Solution

Welcome to our store and thank you for viewing this Range Rover Vogue 54 Plate car digital Freeview TV upgrade solution.

As a result of a recent customer enquiry and with regards to the UK Governments scheduled switch over from analogue to digital TV services, we were encouraged to investigate the different options to upgrade an existing analogue system in the above car to car freeview digital TV. This car incorporates a touch screen dashboard display system with factory supplied analogue tv tuner
With reference to this customers existing system installed in his vehicle, the good news is for all of you lucky RR and LR owners out there is that you can upgrade and switch to DVB-T Digital Freeview TV "on the move" and you currently have a couple of options that I am aware of..
Here goes:-
CKO-1080 TV Tuner £209.90 + Nav TV OPV-2RR Interface AV Cable  £574.98 + Installation (approx 4 - 5 Hrs) Maximum Price £160 + Vat
CKO-1080 TV Tuner £209.90 + Nav TV OPV-1RR Interface AV Cable  £525.70 + Installation (approx 4 - 5 Hrs) Maximum Price £160 + Vat
As an alternative to the CKO-1080 tuner, you could consider our Parkmyauto Mini DVB-T TV Tuner which is the smallest 12V TV Tuner available in the world. Combine this with our Outstanding NV 536 Antennas you can read our feedback on eBay with regards to these, and you will have the very best DVB-T package available in the UK.
In fitting the Nav TV OPV-2RR interface this would be installed along side the existing TV system in preparation for the switch over to digital Freeview, you would have to select your factory TV tuner button on your screen and then flick a separate (fitted switch) to activate your after market tuner. The separate switch would enable you to move from analogue to digital source. You would then have full control over the Digi box via a separate remote control to change TV channels etc.
The installation of the Nav TV OPV-1RR would require complete removal of the existing analogue TV system, no separate switch would be fitted and you would be able to select TV via the normal TV source button on your touch screen. Again you would have full control over the digi box via it's remote control.
Both the Nav TV products will provide your passenger or you as the driver with TV on the move - SKY Sports News is my favourite!
As a result of this customers enquiry, I am sure there are a lot of people considering this as an option for the future and  I would very much appreciate any feedback or additional information on alternative RR Vogue digital TV upgrade solutions that anyone can gather which I would happily add to this and my ..
The Nav TV products will be readily available within the next 2 - 3 weeks (approx 16th Nov 2009). If you would like to order these (assuming they are in stock), you will receive these within 48hrs.

If you wish for us to arrange the installation, we will put you in touch with a specialist engineer for you to arrange an appropriate date, place and time for the installation. You would pay the installer direct on completion of the job.

At Parkmyauto Ltd, all of our products are of the highest quality, distributed from the UK, are EU approved, duty paid and are backed-up with a 12 month repair & replacement parts warranty - we would like to think you wont need this but just in case! Features:-

CKO DVB-T 1080 Digital TV Tuner Specifications:-
  • Compact hideaway unit
  • Twin diversity tuner
  • Auto Tuning search
  • Electronic program guides
  • Subtitle support
  • 1 x S-VHS output (only DVB-T) to monitor
  • 1 x AV RCA Output To Monitor
  • 1 x Audio RCA Output
  • 2 x RCA AV Inputs For Alternative AV Devices
  • Software Upgrade Possible Via RS-232 PC-Connection
  • Suitable For Teletxt & DVB-T Radio
  • Multi Language Subtitling
  • Dimensions 230mm x 150mm x 30mm
  • mounting Brackets included
  • Full Multi Language Instruction Manual
  • Comes With 2 x Internal Glassmount Antennas
  • Remote control with remote IR eye Included
  • DVBT Tuner x 2
  • Remote Control (including Batt) x 1
  • Power Connector x 1
  • AV Cable x 1
  • Antenna With Cable x 2
  • Dimensions (D) 150mm (H) 30mm (W) 230mm

    We will be annoucing shortly on Twitter, Facebook & our Bt Tradespace Blog the most exciting news for the supply & installation of permanent & personal mobile Wi Fi on the move for you & your passengers In your vehicles.

This RR Vogue product will be supplied with internal Glass Mount prong antennas.

The price above includes supply and full installation of the CKO-1080 TV Tuner & The Nav TV OPV-1RR Interface lead.

Your Custom And Word Of Mouth Is The Reason We Are Here Thank You

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