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By: Professional LP to CD transfer - SHAW SOUNDS (Essex)  21/10/2009
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SHAW SOUNDS Transfer Services
78 rpm gramophone records to CD

 12" & 10" Shellac / Acetate records - £8.00  per side

(All transfer prices include "Cedar" restoration - CD and Jewel case printing)

We can transfer all types and sizes of 78 rpm record, from the 6" 'Victor' wartime message discs of the 1930s to the more recent 10 & 12 inch classical, jazz and dance shellac recordings of of the 1950s - 1960s.

During these early years many private recordings were made on 78 shellac and acetate records.

Talented family members would often record their 'musical' and 'spoken word' favorite to keep as valued memories for the future. This was way before tape & cassette recorders had come onto the scene!

We also have facilities to play 16" transcription records that play from the inside of the disc to the outside! these were mainly used within the BBC as early formats of recorded material.

As standard procedure all 78 rpm records are professionally cleaned before transfer. Usually contamination builds up in the grooves over many years and the tracking ability of the pick up cartridge is effected.

Cedar digital processing is used on all conversions unless stated otherwise.




I use a variety of pick up cartridges and styli to retrieve the optimum results from the records.

In the case of unusual rpm speeds, strobes and frequency counters are used to reproduce the correct pitch during transfer.

Many '78s' over the years were recorded with slightly different equalization curves, I try to match the EQ characteristics to the original as closely as possible.

Tonal balance too is checked for the final master CD. Some vintage recording techniques appeared rather harsh and lacked a certain amount of bass response.

The record turntable itself is crucial to the playing dynamics of 78 records, I use professional direct drive German units manufactured by EMT .

These machines give 100% faithful audio results with very accurate rpm speeds.

Worn records can be digitally enhanced to remove 95% of surface noise, crackles and clicks. Cracked and broken discs can be repaired but must be seen and inspected before conversion may be considered.

In some cases, the condition of the disc surfaces are so badly worn with severe grazing and scratch marks they would require individual removal by manual editing.

This type of work is possible but can be very time consuming hence charges have to be made on an hourly rate.

In most cases, 78 rpm records can be transferred superbly to CDs with excellent results !

If you wished to hear a sample transfer of your 78 record prior to conversion, I would be happy to oblige!

Contact John Shaw (01708 342553) 

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