No Fork In Whey Protein Powder

No Fork In Whey Protein Powder from 99 Nutrition

By: 99 Nutrition  06/11/2010
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Looking for a protein that tastes good that will help you reach your goals, all while being economical?  Well, NO FORK IN WHEY™ delivers it all! NFI WHEY™ combines the latest cutting edge Whey Protein and delivers 100% Whey Protein per serving, which is made possible through a new dual action concept formula.


Sports Nutrition Europe™ NFI WHEY ™ combines the latest addition in Whey Protein extraction technology, which is designed to dramatically increase levels of Nitrogen retention in muscle tissue. Increased Nitrogen Retention ensures that rapid muscle building can take place in response to increased training and helps to ensure that precious muscle tissue is not lost during recovery.

NFI WHEY ™ has a unique High-Protein complex that features Reduced Lactose (milk sugar) content, which is ideal for lactose sensitive individuals, and undernatured Whey Microfractions that further support protein digestion and utilization.

NFI WHEY ™ is a 100% complete protein, which means that it contains 100% all Branched Chain Amino Acids and 100% peptide bonded amino acids. Additionally, SNE™  exclusively  sources protein from the purest and cleanest Protein producers in  Europe using volactiv whey.

1 heaped scoop per serving = 30g

76 Servings per 2.25Kg container:

Energy 113Kcal

Protein 21g

Carb 5.63g

Whey Isolate 6.3g

Fat 0.58g

Sodium 0.15g

Calcium 0.1mg

Phosphorous 0.07mg

Zinc 0.375mg

L-Alanine 10.8mg

L-Arginine 57.6mg

L-Aspartic Acid 23.4mg

L-Cystine 46.8mg

L-Glutamic Acid 50mg

L-Glycine 47.4mg

L-Histidine 24.6mg

L-Isoleucine 20.4mg

L-Methionine 50.4mg

L-Phenylalanine 7.2mg

L-Proline 13.2mg

L-Serine 12mg

L-Thareonine 15mg

L-Tryprophan plus 36mg

L-Tyrosine 8.4mg

L-Valine 12mg

Keywords: Bodybuilding Supplements, health supplements, protein powder

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